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How to use our site

To look at the travel choices for your journey you’ll need to put where you’re travelling from and to into the journey plan box on our homepage. You can put in a postcode, a street, a stop if you know it, or a place. You’ll get better results if you put the county if you’re planning from place to place, for example Exeter, Devon.

You can change the date and time that you want to travel; if you don’t we’ll give you a selection of journeys from ‘now’.

You can use the ‘more options’ button to refine your journey choices further, for example if you’d prefer to use or avoid a particular mode of travel, or would prefer a slower or a faster walk.

When you’ve made your journey choices, click on Let’s Go and you’ll be asked to confirm where you’re travelling from and to.

Next you click on Plan Journey and will be given three journey options. You can also see the journey on a map and zoom in to see exactly where your stop and walk routes are.

Times for buses at the stops in between the main stops shown in the timetable are estimated using the distance between the stops.

We’re improving our site all the time. If there’s something that we don’t do that you’d like to see, or if you have any questions about using our site please get in touch using our contact page.