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Telephone support

If you can't find the information you need on the Traveline websites give the Traveline experts a call on:

0871 200 22 33

(+44 871 200 22 33 if dialling from outside the UK)

Calls cost 10p per minute plus any charges your network provider makes. Click here for more details of charges.

All the Traveline callcentres are open 08:00-20:00 daily. Some call centres are open longer hours.

When you call Traveline from a landline you will normally be connected to a call centre which specialises in the area you are in. If you are enquiring about another part of the UK they will put you through to the relevant call centre.

If you wish you can dial straight through to the remote call centre, dial the 0871 200 22 33 number then once you hear the greeting start, enter the codes for the call centre.

Traveline tries to keep the time you wait to a minimum and regular monitoring shows that we meet high standards. However when there is transport disruption call volumes increase significantly with little warning and if queuing time increases, we ask you to bear with us or call back later.

If you are enquiring about a journey you wish to make please be ready to say:

• Where you wish to travel from
• Where you wish to travel to
• When you wish to travel

The agent may ask you for other information which will help select the journey itinerary that best meets your requirements.

The call centre staff can help with lost property, complaints, travel for the disabled, fares and concessionary fare information. However, this may involve giving you the relevant telephone number to contact for further information.

Please contact Traveline if you find any of information on this website incorrect or wish to give feedback about the telephone service.

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