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Mobile phone services


NextBuses is a mobile internet service which makes it possible to find bus times on your mobile internet enabled phone. iPhone, Android and Windows Phone apps are also available.

With the NextBuses service you can select a bus stop close to where you are in Scotland, England or Wales and for that bus stop find the next bus times.

Scheduled bus times are shown if live times are not available. Normal data charges from your mobile phone operator apply. Speed and access to the service is subject to your network connection.

Although it is designed to work on mobile phones, you can try it now or find out more about how to get it on your phone.


If you can't get the NextBuses service on your phone you can check the next buses from a particular bus stop by sending the bus stop code in a text.

The bus stop code may be displayed on the bus stop flag or in the timetable case.

To use the service, simply type the stop code as a text message - and send it to 84268 (except in Yorkshire where it is 64422). The message you send will cost your normal text message charge. In some areas the reply will be free of charge. In most areas the reply will cost up to 25p.

If the stop is a busy one, then you can also add the service number you want (leaving a space after the stop code) ... so your message might look like "bucdtdgj 66".

You will receive a message back, normally in less than a minute. Typically the message will show a clock time if the information comes from timetables (eg: 0935) but it will show an expected waiting time (eg: 5 mins) if it comes from a real-time information system.

Remember the service is specific to an individual stop for travel in that one direction... the code for the stop in the other direction will be different!

Plan a Journey on your PDA or mobile phone

Traveline websites will work from some internet connected PDAs and mobile phones. Simply select the mobile phone styling by clicking here or use the link at the top of each page. The Home page gives you quick access to the Traveline journey planners that cover the UK.

Or you can phone the Traveline telephone service on your mobile. Dialing 0871 200 22 33 from your mobile will take you to a menu which will ask you to choose which area you are in. Alternatively once the greeting starts you can type in the short codes to get to the call centre you wish to speak to.

More information about the telephone service.

Please contact Traveline if you find any of information on this website incorrect.

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