We’ve added a timetable look up to our website. You can now click on the icons at the top of the journey plan box to look up a timetable for buses and trams anywhere in Great Britain.

The timetable shown will be for the current week; if you’re travelling later than that please check your travel time nearer to your time of travel as time can sometimes change at short notice.

Times for buses at the stops in between the main stops shown in the timetable are estimated using the distance between the stops.

If you use the journey planner or next bus look up you’ll also be able to see timetables there.

We want to add new features to our site but want to hear from our customers before we decide what to add and when.
If you have an idea or suggestion for a new feature, or if you have a comment on what you like most and least about our site we want to hear from you. Please use our contact page to get in touch.

We update our site three times a week with new data about routes and times received from transport operators via our Traveline regional organisations, Traveline Cymru and Traveline Scotland.

We’ve added a live departures look up to our website. You can now click on the icons at the top of the journey plan box to look up live departures for any bus or tram in Great Britain.

The times shown will be for today. A red icon will tell you that the information about times has come live from the bus or tram. If you see the time in blue without the icon then you are seeing the timetable time; this is likely to be because there are no buses giving live updates in that area, or it could be that the live bus times aren’t working on that bus.

In most cases you’ll need to contact the transport operator for fares information. We’re working on getting access to bus fares but at the moment they’re only available to us electronically on each transport operator’s website.

Some of our Traveline regional organisations, including Traveline Scotland, can also provide fares information.

If there was a problem with the times or journey options that we gave you, please tell us using our contact page.

We don’t operate any transport services ourselves, so if you had a problem with a journey that you made please contact the transport operator.