Christmas variations

The vast majority of Christmas and New Year service variations are already accurately reflected in the journey planner but please be aware of the following exceptions:

East Midlands

Nottingham City Transport and Nottingham Express Transit service levels on Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are only indicative.
Details of variations can be found here for NCT and here.

North West

Arriva North West 62 service in Merseyside incorrectly shows trips on Christmas Day when it is not operating.

In Cumbria, some Stagecoach services show no trips on the 27th Dec when they are in operation. Details can be found here.


No festive variations are showing for Stagecoach Fife or Borders Buses.

You can find the variations for Stagecoach Fife here and for Borders Buses here.

Some Stagecoach Highland services are missing early finishes on Christmas Eve where last departures are approximately 2000.

South East

A number of services in Hertfordshire are incorrectly showing trips on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.