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Travel locally

A pleasant and trouble free journey by public transport starts with finding out...

• which buses, trains, metros or ferries to use
• where you need to board them and at what time, and...
• noting if you need to change between services

Traveline will help you do this. Choose which area you wish to travel in on the map on the home page. Each area has a journey planner which contains all the local travel routes and timetables and help is available to show how to plan your journey.


Some Traveline call centres give fares information. Others can give you the telephone numbers of the relevant transport operators.

Travel for people with disabilities

Traveline is adding information about access to stations and vehicles that you may find relevant to help you choose the best journey option to meet your needs. In most of the Traveline areas you can specify a via point which you may be able to use to route you through an interchange point that you are familiar with. Traveline also reviews the channels for information delivery to see if access to the information can be made better. If you have difficulty using information services for public transport please give feedback to help improve the services.

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