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About Traveline

Traveline can help you:

Traveline Information Ltd is a partnership of transport operators and local authorities formed to provide impartial and comprehensive information about public transport. It operates in Scotland, England and Wales.

Traveline started operating in 2000. The telephone service was the first service to be provided. Internet followed soon afterwards and more recently the SMS text and NextBuses mobile internet service.

Traveline's Advisory Group involves representatives of:

• Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT)
• Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC)
• Local Government Association (LGA)
• Confederation of Scottish Local Authorities (CoSLA)
• Transport for London (TfL)
• Passenger Transport Executives' Group (PTEG)
• Association of Transport Co-ordinating Officers (ATCO)
• Welsh Assembly Government (WAG)
• Scottish Government
• Department for Transport (DfT)
• Translink

More information about Traveline can found at:


Traveline also provides:

Travelinedata a support service for local authorities and transport operators who prepare timetable data for the Traveline service, or third parties that wish to link to Traveline or use data from Traveline.

You can contact the local areas of Traveline using the contact form.

Written correspondence for Traveline should be sent to:

Director of Traveline
Traveline Information Ltd.
c/o CPT, Drury House,
34-43 Russell Street,

Please contact Traveline if you find any of information on this website incorrect.

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