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If you prefer to get your live times by SMS, you can text your local stop code to 84268 and get a text back within seconds telling you the next departures from your stop. You can find the stop code to the right of the screen when you look up next buses from this website, as in the example below:


This isn’t a subscription service and we’ll only send you one message for each time that you text us for information.

Your mobile operator may charge you for your text to 84268. In most cases we charge you 25 pence for the text that we send back, but in Wales, Lincolnshire and Plymouth, these texts are free. Our regional Traveline organisations, Traveline Scotland and Traveline Wales decide whether the text is charged at 25 pence or is free.

You can use the planner on our homepage to find routes and times for your travel anywhere in Great Britain, or click on the icons at the top of the journey planning box to find live departures or look up a timetable for buses and trams.

You can start your journey from any address or place and go to any other. We’ll search all routes and times to find you a selection of journeys. You can choose when you want to travel, and use ‘more options’ to be more specific about the sort of journey that you’d like to make such as which mode you’d prefer.

You can also plan your journey with the help of our telephone service by calling 0871 200 22 33. We charge 12 pence per minute from landlines and mobiles; this helps to cover the cost of providing this service. Your phone company may add its own access charge but it will tell you about this.

The English Traveline call centre opening hours are 0700 to 2200 every day except for:

  • Christmas Eve (closing at 2000)
    • Christmas Day (closed)
    • Boxing Day (0900 to 1700)
    • New Year’s Day (0900 to 1700)

    The Scottish Traveline call centre is open 24 hours a day, every day.

    The Welsh Traveline call centre is open 0700 to 2000 every day except for:

    • Christmas Eve (0700 to 1800)
      • Christmas Day (closed)
        • Boxing Day (1000 to 1600)
          • New Year's Day (0800 to 2000)

Traveline Scotland, Traveline Wales, and the English regional Traveline organisations also provide journey planning services.

These services use the same information as the planner on this website but may not cover travel for the whole of Great Britain. Some of these services offer more detailed local travel information including travel news and fares and ticket advice.

You can find these Traveline service here:


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